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Beth's Stance on the Issues

Preserve Farmland

Beth has a deep understanding of the importance of ensuring that the over 77,000 acres (an acre is roughly the size of a football field) of farmland in Wake County stay in operation and productive.  She sincerely values farms of all sizes and believes all should have the chance to remain in operation and be economically viable.

Collaborate with Stakeholders

Beth understands that when people engage in meaningful conversations about issues, true collaboration occurs. Sound policies and decisions are not made in a vacuum or echo chamber. To be our best, it takes working together. Beth is very experienced in this area

Conserve Soil & Water Resources

Beth knows first-hand the impact that local soil and water conservation districts have in assisting farmers and landowners implement conservation practices using cost-share programs, technical assistance from staff, and educational outreach programs to citizens and youth.


Since announcing her candidacy, Beth has learned that many don't understand the role or work of local Soil & Water Conservation Districts.  She wants to change this and share with the citizens of Wake County about

the importance of soil and water conservation efforts, educational outreach  and projects funded by the District across our county.  

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